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Shelley Tansley

Transpersonal Art Therapist & Shamanic Practitioner

I am a transpersonal art therapist and a shamanic practitioner with experience in groupwork facilitation, one-on-one therapy sessions, expressive art workshops and shamanic healing. 

When you start working with me you will experience an integrative and holistic approach which is informed by my background in visual arts and spiritual practice.

My philosophy prioritises the heart’s quest for truth and fulfillment, appreciating the importance of creating a safe and inclusive space for you to explore shamanic and creative techniques.

I am committed to a path of spiritual connection and healing with the intent to guide you as you explore your creative expression and deepen your understanding of who you are. 

I look forward to guiding you on your healing path.

 Within the healing space you will:

  • Unleash your creativity 

  • Discover unknown aspects of yourself

  • Be guided as you integrate traumatic events 

  • Find meaning and purpose

  • Honour grief and loss

  • Gain coping skills

  • Navigate spiritual crisis

  • Find new ways to live your life with joy.

Experience and Qualifications

Professional Experience

Our Lady of Consolation Aged Care Services

Art Therapist - Facilitator of Art Workshops - Curator of onsite gallery “The Art Space” - One-on-One Pain Clinic Counselling - Staff Wellbeing Days


Learning Ground - Youth Services

Facilitation of Art Therapy Programs


Kaliedo Magazine Launch - Commune

Expressive Art Therapy Workshop


Private Practice

One-on-One Art Therapy and Shamanic Healing Sessions


Gabriela Ming’s Natural Mastery Mentorship

Assistant Facilitator


2022 Certificate of Attainment in Group and Individual Supervision

Rise Up - Optimise Potential

2021 Foundations in Building Trauma Awareness
Blue Knot Foundation


2014 - 2018 Diploma of Mask and Traditional Healing

Vicki Dean - Circalore NSW


2013 - 2014 Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy

College of Complimentary Medicine


2004 - 2005 Advanced Diploma in Entertainment Design

TAFE Design Centre Enmore


2003 - 2004 Diploma in Events and Entertainment Design

TAFE Design Centre Enmore


1998 - 2000 Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts

University of Western Sydney

Honouring My Teachers

Acknowledgement of my teachers & mentors

Vicki Dean
Teacher and creator of the Diploma of Mask and Traditional Healing and Teacher of Transpersonal Art Therapy


Robert Boyle

Teacher of Transpersonal Art Therapy, Psychodrama and Shadow work

Gabriela Ming

Teacher and Shamanic Mentor


Traditional Medicine Man of the Peruvian Jungle

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