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Art Therapy

Transpersonal Art Therapy creates a safe and sacred space where art making and creative expression become the portal to a holistic and integrative healing process. 

Image and symbol help to express and explore what needs tending to and assist in unlocking resources for healing from within. 

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Art Therapy room

One-to-one Art Therapy Session

In a one-to-one transpersonal art therapy session you will encounter what holistic truly means when you explore what needs tending to within your life. You are invited to experience insights and perspectives that connect you to healthier ways of thinking and existing in the world and re-introduces you to your inner voice.

What can a one-to-one art therapy session do for you?

  • Honour life stories

  • Increase awareness of self and others

  • Enhance cognitive function

  • Increase coping skills

  • Express emotion

  • Find ways of managing depression and anxiety

  • Process Trauma

  • Enrich life

  • Give a space for reflection

  • Build self esteem

  • Explore meaning making.

One-To-One Online  or Face to Face  Art Therapy Session:

1hr session - $180  

One-On-One Art Therapy Session


We are all born with a natural playful curiosity. As children, every act is a creative one. 

Let me reconnect you with your unique expression and reignite the spark that unleashes your full creative potential. 

Each session includes transpersonal techniques to guide the group through processes which enliven the spirit and cultivate creativity.

I have over 5 years of clinical experience as an art therapist and group work facilitator, working with elders, adults, young adults & children (and hold a current working with children police check).

I also bring 20 years of creative experience and offer a variety of Art Activities including painting, drawing, mask making, collage, screen printing, mosaic and clay. 

I am passionate about facilitating vibrant workshops that awaken the creativity within and can enhance artistic skills for individuals or groups.

Get in touch to discuss how I can customise a welcoming and inclusive workshop for your team of staff, residents within your organisation or students within your school. 

Art Therapy Workshops
Group and Individual Supervision

I empower and mentor fellow art therapists on their transformative journey. Working with me you will be given support, guidance and a safe space for you to explore, learn and grow in your role as therapist. Whether you are working within organisations, the corporate sector, health services or running your own private practice, I am passionate about seeing you reach your full potential.

Group and Individual Supervision Available

One on One Online Session - $180 per hour

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