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Shamanic practitioners navigate between the spiritual and physical worlds on behalf of their communities to bring about healing, restore balance and alleviate physical and mental illness.

Space and personal clearing
Shamanic Practice

As a Shamanic Practitioner trained in a variety of Shamanic Healing techniques I use altered states of consciousness on your behalf to access information stored within your body that can cause illness (both mental and physical) and support you to activate your body’s own ability to heal itself.

Shamanic healing is not a replacement for medical and psychological treatment but rather a holistic and supportive process that assists you on your own healing journey.

As a shamanic practitioner I specialise in:

  • Energetic Balancing & Re-Alignment

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Dream Work

  • Customised Individual Ritual 

  • Shadow Work

  • Space & Personal Clearing.

Shamanic Practice Appointment

2hr session - $250

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